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Please join us at the Foley Public Library for a presentation by David Kriegler, former Physics & Astronomy Instructor for Nebraska University of Omaha.  David’s lecture, “A Night With the Red Planet,” will take approximately 20 minutes.  After the lecture all attendees are invited to join us in the back parking lot for a viewing of Mars, Saturn, and Venus through a 10 inch telescope.

Mars and the Earth are getting closer every day.  This results in Mars getting brighter and larger.  By June 27th, Earth, Mars, and the Sun will be in a line.  This is called opposition, and from our perspective here on Earth, Mars will be completely lit by the Sun.  On July 31st, Mars and the Earth will be at their closest which allows for excellent viewing of Mars through a telescope.  While Mars is normally small and dim, this will provide for an opportunity to see it in much more detail.

Seating will be limited for this presentation, please call 251-943-7665 to reserve a seat.  For further information on this program, visit the library’s website atwww.foleylibrary.org or email Melanie at mschnieders@ctfoley.diffrntdigital.com.

(Rain out observing day August 14th at 8:00 p.m., same place.)

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