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Stress! Anxiety! Panic!
They are real.
They are debilitating.
They are causing major health problems.  But they DON’T have to.
What are they?  Where do they come from?  What can you do about them?
Come learn:
1)  The latest neuroscience behind stress, anxiety and panic.
2)  Techniques to help you feel better right now and, with practice, even more so over time.
3)  Why the techniques work and when to apply them.
Our brains are beautiful and contain the power to rewire itself at any age.  We have more choices than we ever realized to be the MASTER of our minds and not the slave!

Come to the Foley Public Library on Thurs, Aug 18, 2-4 pm and learn how to slow down, calm your mind, and move forward with your life goals.  Hosted by Terry Wakefield of the South Baldwin Literacy Council, this workshop is free & a reservation is required.  You can RSVP online at www.foleylibrary.org or call 251-943-1031.

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