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The City of Foley along with the Foley Public Library will host a Foley Geocaching Weekend, Fri, Feb 25 – Sun, Feb 27, 2022.  This weekend consists of three separate events on three separate days.  Geocaching is a family recreational activity of hunting for and finding hidden objects by means of GPS coordinates posted via the website.

On Fri, Feb 25 @ 4 pm, geocachers will meet at a local tea cottage for a Meet & Greet Tea event.  This is a time for geocachers to re-acquaint themselves with one another and to meet new geocaching members.  A few prizes will also be given away at this event.  Each attendee will receive a scone and a cup of tea or coffee.

Each of these events will be posted at the Geocaching website.  Go to www.geocaching.com to register to attend one or more of these events.  You can also register via the geocaching app on your phone.  Look for GC codes GC9N1AF, GC9N1AQ and GC9N1B8.

Please call Melanie at 251-943-1031 or email mschnieders@ctfoley.diffrntdigital.com for further information.  More info can also be found at the library’s website, www.foleylibrary.org, or through the library’s Facebook page.

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