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“Magnolia or The House at the Head of the River” tells the story of Gran Tee, who returns to her Magnolia Springs, Alabama childhood home to celebrate her upcoming centennial-“ish” birthday, accompanied by her citified, opinionated grand-daughter, Caroline.

Written by a local playwright, the production presents the story of a family who lives on the Magnolia River. It opened to sell-out crowds earlier this year. Catch one of two more opportunities to see a well-written play based on memories of a lifetime spent on the river, with a story line that brings both laughter and tears. Embraced by the Town of Magnolia Springs, this production is one you will want to see.  For tickets, please contact Ann Gaylor at 251-923-6737.

“Magnolia” is presented by Epic Lasering with Comprehensive Creatives, LLC
Written and Directed by: C. Stefan Morrisette


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