Hiring Process

When openings occur, positions are advertised and the hiring process is begun. We usually hire certified police officers, either from in state or out of state. From time to time, we do advertise for rookie officers with no experience. That decision, made by the police chief, is based on department needs and is stipulated in the advertisement.

For certified officers, after the application period is closed, applications are closely considered and a roster of qualified applicants is established and processed. Processing includes a criminal history check, driving history check, written exam, oral board in front of the command staff, in-depth background check, polygraph exam, executive interview with the police chief, city-level background check, drug screening and medical exam. If the position(s) is not filled, then we continue this process with the next group of applicants until the position(s) is filled or until the roster is exhausted. We enjoy the employment of high-quality and talented police officers due to our stringent hiring and selection process. It is difficult to hire on with us and we make no apologies for that. We are very blessed to have the police family we do and look forward to new members.

If the applicant is a rookie applicant, they can expect a PT test (APOST Standards) and a psychological examination added to this process. This hiring process usually takes one to two months, depending on certification. We do try to accomplish as much of the process as possible in one to two visits for our applicants traveling great distances. We have hired sharp police officers from all over the nation to join our police force. We look forward to meeting each applicant during this process. To check for open positions, please visit our career portal.