Stay up-to-date with what is going on in the city of Foley. The Mayor’s Newsletter is a quarterly publication delivered to all addresses within Foley’s zip code. Copies are  also available at city hall, the welcome center and the library. You may also read it here and look through our archived issues.

Volume 14, Issue 3 – Summer 2021

It’s summer folks! In Foley that means rain showers to cool things off and lots of the locally grown farm produce that we all love. The Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermens Market is a fantastic place to visit on Saturdays. This market is one we can all be proud of. Don’t forget other local farm markets, like Krupinski’s. Enjoying fresh summer produce is a local tradition.
The city is working to accelerate road projects in response to growth in our area. Currently, we are fast-tracking several intersection improvements. Work on intersections along Michigan Avenue at Juniper, Cedar and Hickory is moving into the design phase. The Michigan/Hickory intersection is a joint project between Foley and Baldwin County, as it is located in the county. We are also working closely with the county on several projects to improve cross-drainage issues. The County is studying possible improvements along the County 65 corridor from County Roads 10 to 28, which will affect north/south connectivity on the west side of the city. The city’s yearly repaving schedule, which keeps our roads in good shape, is being increased from $500,000 to $1 million.
I get questions asking if Foley is ok after Hurricane Sally. The answer is, absolutely. It has taken a lot of work by outstanding city employees. And we are thankful for patience from our residents. We can say we are back. Foley’s finances are sound. The city council learned from experience to keep adequate savings to weather storms that come our way. We continue to work with FEMA, going through the processes of working with a federal agency.
Recently, traffic lights along Hwy. 59 in Foley from County Road 28 to County Road 10 were synchronized as a part of an Alabama Department of Transportation project to shorten the time drivers spend at red lights. Foley was one of the first to receive these updates because of our high traffic volumes. Some say they can see improvement, although we can still expect congestion during peak travel times.

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