Community Development

Community Development

The mission of the Community Development Department is to provide for orderly and controlled growth for its citizenry and to provide superior customer service in matters relating to development. We constantly strive to ensure that all codes, ordinances and other regulations are met for the health, safety and well-being of Foley citizens.

The Community Development Department deals with day-to-day as well as long-range planning issues. We serve the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustment and Appeals, the Mayor and City Council, the Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals, Historic Commission and the citizens of Foley.

251-952-4011 (phone)
251-943-6903 (fax)

Automated Inspection Line
Call 251-970-2331 to schedule an inspection.

Miriam Boutwell, City Planner/Building Official

Chuck Lay, Chief Building Inspector

Doug Hayes, Building Inspector

Deborah Carbajal, Building Inspector

Eric Butler, Building Inspector

Patsy Benton, Permit Clerk

Billie Prado, Secretary/Office Assistant

Adopted Codes
Building Code Ordinance

Fee Schedule
Flat Fees for Single Family/Duplex and Multi-Family

Permits / Contractors Packet
Commercial Packet
Residential Packet
Sign packet

City of Foley Contact List for Developers/Contractors

What will I need to obtain a permit?
We offer a Contractors Packet that lists items needed for processing the application. See Contractors Packets above for your permit type.

What will the permit cost be?
The Inspections Division follows a pre-determined fee schedule. See Fee Schedule above for your permit type.

How long will it take to process the application?
The time frame varies according to complexity of the project. On average it is seven to ten days. You will be notified when the permit is ready and may be picked up.

How much time is needed to schedule an inspection?
We prefer at least a 24-hour notice for scheduling inspections.

Who should I contact for drainage complaints?
Please contact the Engineering Department.

Who should I contact for building complaints?
Please submit complaints to the Building Department.

Who should I contact regarding junk cars and continuous yard sales?
Please contact the Police Department.

Who should be contacted regarding illegal dumping and household hazardous waste disposal?
Please contact the Environmental Division.

What size of land disturbance requires an erosion and sediment control permit?
Non-exempt activities that uncover more than 500 square feet of ground require a permit.

Who should I contact to set up an inspection, and what inspections are required for erosion and sediment control?
The contact for these issues is the Code Enforcement Officer. Please make contact:

  1. Immediately after erosion and sediment controls are in place.
  2. After clearing and grading has been completed.
  3. After drainage has been installed.
  4. After streets, curb and gutter have been completed.
  5. Before construction completion.

What is a Heritage Tree?
A healthy, protected, native tree and its root system with a diameter at breast height equal to or greater than 30″ or 7′-10″ circumference, whichever is less.

What is a riparian structure?
Structures such as piers, docks, boathouses, retaining walls and bulkheads that are constructed adjacent to banks of rivers, streams or waterways are considered riparian structures.

How do I organize a commercial cleanup day?
Contact the Environmental Division for details and assistance.

251-952-4011 (phone)
251-943-6903 (fax)

Chuck Lay, Building Inspector (for the application process)

Melissa Ringler, Planning & Zoning Coordinator (for Historical Meeting Information)

The Foley Historical Commission was established to oversee the Local Historic District. The duties of the commission include approving changes to the façade of buildings within the district and recommending additional properties to the City Council that demonstrate the historical significance for inclusion. The commission meets on the second Tuesday of every month to consider applications.

If your building is located within the Historic District and you need to make a change to the exterior, please fill out the Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness below and return it to Community Development. Staff is available to answer any questions you might have. Certain routine maintenance and other improvements may be approved by staff. Other more involved changes will be considered at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Foley Historical Commission.

Local Downtown Historic District and National Register Historic District Map
Foley Downtown Historic District Design Guidelines
2020 Meeting Schedule
Ordinance 1197-12
Application for Certificate of Appropriateness
Facade Improvement Incentive Grant Program Guidelines and Application

251-952-4011 (phone)
251-943-6903 (fax)

Miriam Boutwell, City Planner/Building Official

Melissa Ringler, Planning and Zoning Coordinator

Amanda Cole, Planning and Zoning Assistant

Planning and Zoning Division forms
Zoning Verification Request
Zoning Application

Planning Commission application forms
Planning Commission deadline schedule 2020
Preliminary Subdivision Request
Minor Subdivision Request
Exempt Subdivision Request

Board of Adjustment and Appeals application forms
Board of Adjustment and Appeals deadline schedule 2020
Board of Adjustment and Appeals Application

Additional Resources
Zoning Ordinance of the City of Foley
Comprehensive Land Use/Growth Plan
Fiscal Year 2017/2018 Annual Report

How do I determine my zoning district?
To determine the zoning district, confirmation of your location – such as a tax parcel identification number, for example – is needed.

What is allowed in a particular zoning district? What am I allowed to build?
The allowed uses vary depending on your zoning district. The Zoning Ordinance contains uses allowed, setbacks, area requirements and other information relating to the zoning district.

What size sign am I permitted to have?
Signage is determined by zoning district, which is based on your physical location. The Zoning Ordinance contains Sign Regulations.

What is needed to subdivide my property?
It varies based on the type of subdivision requested. The Subdivision Regulations contain information related to the process and requirements. The Engineering Department can answer specific questions regarding which application is appropriate. Planning Commission applications and deadline schedules are available on the website.