Foley Police Department

The Foley Police Department is committed to the safety of our citizens. We provide a service we are proud of.

Emergencies Dial 911
251-943-4431 (phone)
251-952-4098 (fax)
251-952-4076 (TDD)

Hours of Operation
(non-emergency personnel only)
Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

200 E. Section Avenue, Foley, AL 36535
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1750, Foley, AL 36536

Find us online:

The Foley Police Department currently employs 66 police officers and 31 public servant civilian employees. The department is organized into 4 divisions – Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Administration, and Community Safety Divisions. We have one of the highest starting salaries for police officers of our region and the officers are highly productive as well as very approachable by their community. The department uses teamwork across the board, which has contributed to and continues to keep Foley’s serious crime very low.

We have a corrections staff that supervises a 55-bed jail, as well as a 10-person communications staff that is our lifeline plus administrative employees who get the job done. In addition to four patrol shifts that serve as our first line of defense, we have a

  • Professional Development Unit
  • Bike Unit
  • K-9 Squad
  • Special Response Team
  • Community Services Unit
  • Police Fusion Center
  • Code Enforcement Unit
  • School Resource Officer Program
  • Accident Investigations Unit
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Detective Unit

The department also offers services and other programs to residents.
Foley Police Department Services

The City of Foley only accepts employment applications when there is an advertised opening within the department. The hiring process is in-depth and tough as well as highly competitive.