The COVID-19 dashboard of the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) uses data needed to inform ADPH disease mitigation efforts and to inform the public about COVID-19 trends. The dashboard has been redesigned to help people better understand the current transmission levels in their communities and the impact of COVID-19 in Alabama.The new dashboard address is as follows:
There is also a mobile version configured to work on small mobile screens:

One of the changes is revising the ADPH risk indicators to align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicators and overall levels of community transmission. The CDC levels of community transmission are referenced in many guidance documents, including the K-12 guidance for schools, so it is important to align with those measures. It is important to note that if the two indicators suggest different transmission levels, the higher level is selected.
The dashboard will eliminate the “Total Tested” count as it is less meaningful due to unreported and home testing. Additional revisions include:
·        The moving 7-day sum is updated daily instead of weekly–instead of a 3, 7 and 14-day average, the dashboard will provide a 7-day moving sum for cases.

·        The moving percent change, the 7-day average change in number of cases, and the moving 7-day percent positivity will be provided.

·        The 2020 and 2021 breakdowns of cases and deaths will be provided – not just a total sum over both years.

Tab 1 –  Overall Level of Community Transmission – Past 7 Days
Tab 2 –  Index
Tab 3 –  Statewide Percentage of Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAATs) That Were Positive During the Past 7 Days
Tab 4 –  Total New Cases (per 100,000 persons) – Past 7 Days
Tab 5 –  Comparison of Data Trends – When Case Occurred Versus When Case Was Reported
Tab 6 –  Daily and 7-Day Moving Average Number of Cases
Tab 7 –  Daily Hospitalizations of COVID-19 Patients
Tab 8 –  Impact of COVID-19 on Cases and Deaths in Alabama the Last Four Weeks
Tab 9 –  Daily and Total Number of Deaths
Tab 10 – Testing Sites
Tab 11 – Geographic Distribution of Variants in Alabama in the Last Four Weeks
About – About This Dashboard
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