Jeanette Bornholt will give a presentation titled ‘Spoonful of Whiskey … Explaining old time illness and remedies’’ during the June 12 Baldwin County Genealogical Society meeting at Foley Public Library. The meeting starts at 10 a.m. and guests are welcome.
While researching your family, you come upon strange named illnesses, causes of death that can cause chill bumps; such as African consumption, ague, dropsy, bladder in the throat, chin cough, dock fever, kruchhusten, screws, just to name a few and the remedies for curing or trying to cure are just as scary.
But, have no fear as Jeanette Bornholt will try to explain some of these old time illnesses and the remedies to aid to cure or trying to cure. From personal experience, she will tell you why ‘Spoonful of Whiskey’ just might be one of the cures.
Jeanette is librarian for the Alabama, Local History & Genealogy Collections of the Foley Public Library, which is the largest collection in the county. She has been with the city of Foley’s Library for thirty years and has assisted untold numbers in researching their family histories, local histories and beyond during that time.