Due to illness in the Community Development Department, we are temporarily closing the Lobby to the public.  Applications & a container for your plans are outside the door.  Please call 251-952-4011 & let Billie or Patsy know you have completed the paperwork & staff will get them started through the process.  If you prefer to email the plans & application, please send to cddinspections@cityoffoley.org.  At this time, we plan to reopen on Monday (2/7/22) but we will monitor the situation & reassess on Friday (2/4/22) in case this needs to be extended.
Contact Melissa (mringler@ctfoley.diffrntdigital.com) or Eden (elapham@ctfoley.diffrntdigital.com) for zoning questions.  Contact Chuck (clay@ctfoley.diffrntdigital.com) or Doug (dhayes@ctfoley.diffrntdigital.com) for building code questions.  All can be reached at 251-952-4011.