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The City of Foley will be hosting its 8th annual City of Foley Geo Weekend on Feb 28, Feb 29, and Mar 1, 2020.  The Foley Public Library began hosting geocaching event weekends back in Feb 2013.  The City joined in sponsoring the weekends in Feb 2014.

On Sun, Mar 1, 2020, the final event of the weekend will be a City of Foley CITO (GC8JNP8.)  This is a cache in/trash out event where we pick up trash in the area to thank the City of Foley for sponsoring such a fun weekend.  CITO sites will be handed out from behind the Foley Public Library starting at 10 am.  A special dump site will also be given out.  All who come to help will receive a small “thank you” prize.

Don’t forget to log your “Will Attend” at the GC codes for each event.  These can be used via any geocaching app or at www.geocaching.com.

Please call Melanie at 251-943-1031 or email mschnieders@cityoffoley.org for further information.  More info can also be found at the library’s website, www.foleylibrary.org, or through the library’s Facebook page.