FOLEY – A new sign will once again guide visitors to Foley’s Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermen’s Market and provide information about other attractions in the expanding area.

The Foley City Council voted to approve funding for a new sign for the site. David Thompson, executive director for leisure services, said the new addition will replace a sign that was removed when the land on which it was located was sold.

He said the new sign will include digital notices to allow the city to inform readers about events going on in the market and at other locations.

“We are planning a digital component, which will make it more dynamic so we can cater to specific events and things that we have in the market,” Thompson said. “This will also advertise for a couple of other businesses.”

After the original sign was removed, the city installed smaller temporary signs advertising the Farmers and Fishermen’s Market. Those signs, however, are not designed for long-term use and will deteriorate when left out in the weather.

A new hotel, the Cobblestone Inn, is also to be constructed at the intersection of Koniar Way and Miflin Road, near the location of the market. The hotel could obscure the view of the market site to traffic moving along Miflin Road, Baldwin County 20.

The sign, which would be placed along the roadway, would inform travelers in the area of the location of the market and provide additional information including events at the market.