Public Advisory- Streets/areas that have water over the roadway or are flooded. There may be other areas/streets in the city that are flooded but are are not included on this list. Please use Caution while driving throughout the entire City.
Hwy 98 Alston St-Cedar St
Hwy 98/Pine St
Hwy 59/Azalea Ave
Hwy 59/East Michigan Ave
From Hwy 59, East Orange Ave to Juniper St.
Foley Middle School Parking Lot
Oak St-Magnolia Ave
Downtown Foley areas
Commercial Drive behind Dodge’s
9th Ave from 59 to Oak St.
West Michigan Ave between Cedar St and S. Hickory St
Areas of Maple St and 900 block of Maple St
Areas of E Verbena Ave
Areas of Lay Lane
Areas of S. Pecan Street
Beech St/Marigold Ave SB Lane
Jefferson Ave/Chestnut St
Pride Drive/Juniper St
S. Bay St between Lawson Ave and Hamilton Blvd.