FOLEY – An additional garbage truck is an example of how Foley is expanding services to meet the demands of growth.

The Foley City Council has approved letters of intent to buy two new garbage trucks. The city will buy the trucks when the vehicles are ready to be delivered.

Darrell Russell, public works director, said the city had initially planned to buy one truck. After seeing the increased demand for services, particularly in commercial collections, officials decided to buy two vehicles.

“We need the one that is not in the budget next year,” Russell said. “So much business is coming into town, we’re going to need a fourth front load garbage truck for dumpsters”

Foley Mayor Ralph Hellmich said city services have to expand as the population grows.

“Every time we grow and put in a new house, that’s a new garbage can and part of a new route,” Hellmich said Wednesday. “You have to expand your city as your city grows in population. You have to expand the fire department, police department and our services in public works and sanitation.”

Hellmich said city departments have done well meeting the needs of growth.

“Our folks do a great job.” Hellmich said. “Darrell Russell does a great job and his folks respond, If you have some issues, you call Public Works, and they’re Johnny on the spot and will get out of it. They do a great job and they’re out there and they probably meet more of the public than I do because they’re out there every day. They go to just about every house in Foley at least once or twice a week so they know what’s going on.”

One of the trucks is a 31-cubic yard vehicle that will cost $375,069. The truck will be delivered in 270 to 330 days, according to bid reports.

The other truck is a 40-cubic yard vehicle that will cost $352,877. That truck should be delivered to Foley in 180 to 240 days.

Russell said that even with the additional purchase, the sanitation department should be within its budget, although some other expenses may have to be switched to another date.