FOLEY – One of Foley’s next planned roads will provide access to the city’s new pickleball courts under plans approved recently.

The Foley City Council voted to approve construction of the new road. The road will be built by city Public Works Department crews.

The cost of the first phase of the project will be $83,134.75. That price does not include the cost of asphalt, which will be bid out at a later day. The Public Works Department will also install fill material at an estimated cost of $42,000.

David Thompson, executive director of leisure services, said the project will link the new courts with city streets. He said that while the pickleball courts will be paid for with money from impact fees, the city cannot use that source of revenue for roads.

“This road is complementing our pickleball court,” Thompson said. “The pickleball courts are going to be built with impact fee dollars. However, this road we did not feel could utilize the impact fee dollars, so, we’re asking to move forward with the project that will handle the parking lot as well as the road.”

Impact fees are charged to developers to help pay for increased demands for services caused by new subdivisions and other developments. Thompson said impact fees can be used for parks, but not for roads.

The pickleball court site is located south of Kenny Stabler Avenue near the Foley Farmers’ and Fishermen’s Market. Thompson said the courts have been approved by the city and are now in the process of being designed.