Competition in Foley will reach new heights this weekend as the Alabama Urban Forestry Association (AUFA) hosts the annual Alabama Tree Climbing Competition at the Coast Alabama Farmers and Fishermans Market (CAFFM) October 15 -17.

The competition goes hand in hand with the AUFA Annual Conference being held this week. The conference educates participants from around the state and beyond on subjects such as pesticide safety and vegetation management. While attendees come together to earn continuing education credits during the week, they finish things up with a little friendly competition.

AUFA Councilmember and Tree Climbing Competition organizer, Josh Rutherford said it’s the first time they will be holding the event in Foley and should definitely be something to watch, especially since there’s no charge to check it out.

“Climbers are judged by a set of rules that are written around safety, proficiency, and creativity,” Rutherford explained. “Spectators are welcomed and encouraged to attend.”

Foley Director of Horticulture and current AUFA President, John Graham, said it’s something he’s extremely excited to share with residents.

“The beauty of our city is undeniable,” Graham commented. “So much of that beauty centers around its natural vegetation. Add to that some top-notch competition from the best in the region and anyone attending is guaranteed to be mesmerized.”

The Alabama Tree Climbing Competition begins at 8 a.m. on October 16 with a Masters Challenge at 9 a.m. on October 17. For more information contact John Graham at