FOLEY – An upcoming Foley road project will provide more east-west connectivity and link Heritage Park with the City Hall complex and streets to the east.

The Foley City Council voted Monday, Feb. 5, to approve the project and accept the services of Engineering Design Group to lay out the construction work and survey the extension. The project will extend East Jessamine from North Cypress Street west to North Chicago Street, which borders the eastern side of Heritage Park.

Mayor Ralph Hellmich said the project will improve access in the area for pedestrians as well as vehicles.

“We want to make that as pedestrian friendly as possible,” Hellmich said. “It will connect our park and so we’ll have sidewalks down and so the sidewalks will come and we’ll cross Cypress there too. So it’s going to be aesthetically a nice nice little short road. We’ll be able to do some of that but we have to get everything professionally laid out and surveyed and all that. We’re moving forward on that.”

The new road will be about 450 feet long.

City officials said the extension project should not interfere with local businesses.