FOLEY – The city of Foley recognized volunteers who have helped drive beautification efforts around the community.

The Foley Revitalization and Beautification Advisory Board works on projects such as decorative plants, holiday decorations, plaques and other improvements around the city.

At the June 3 meeting of the Foley City Council, the city presented awards to several retiring members of the committee and acknowledged the work of all members of the board.

“The Beautification Board has played such an instrumental role in the changes we’ve seen in downtown and around Foley,” Mayor Ralph Hellmich said. “This has included signs. They’ve had input on our bridge across 59. They’ve had input on color schemes, you name it, they’ve been involved in it.”

Hellmich said that even small efforts add up to make a major impression on visitors and residents.

“It is the small things. It’s not the big things,” he said. “The big things are what we all expect. Everybody might not get excited when a new road gets built. They just use it. But they might get excited about if we get benches in our park or things of that nature.”

Beautification Board members stepping down from the committee include Gary Pitts, Carolyne Hollis, Pat Davis, Ellen Dean and Pam Engel. 

Deborah Mixon, board chairwoman, thanked members for their dedication and work to improve Foley.

“Over the years, we have all worked very hard together to shape our city’s landscape,” she said “We faced challenges, made some tough decisions and celebrated the triumphs together. Through it all, I’ve been proud of the dedication you have had for our city, and will miss each and every one of you.”

Hollis said city officials and other volunteers have also worked to improve Foley.

“The beautification board probably has been one of the highlights of my life here in Foley,” she said. “There’s been so much accomplished. The city of Foley, the council, everyone that works on any of these boards are just great people and we appreciate them so very much.”

Beautification projects been a factor in Foley being recognized for distinctions such as being named a Tree City USA for 43 consecutive years. The city’s downtown beautification efforts were also a factor cited in Foley being named on the list of posted its list of “9 Small Towns that Belong in a Hallmark Christmas Movie.” by the website AZ Animals.