FOLEY – Foley recognized former City Councilman Robert Schreiber for his decades of service to the country and community.

Schreiber served on the council on two occasions between 1984 and 2008. He also served on the Riviera Utilities Board from 2005 until April 30, 2024. 

Mayor Ralph Hellmich said Schreiber helped guide Foley and Riviera as the community has grown.

“Bob was here during a transition time when the city was growing,” Hellmich said. “Our utility was growing, and our utility family was growing. He has done so many things and throughout the whole time, I can tell you that he’s been a man of honor.”

The mayor said Schreiber was instrumental in working with the Alabama Department of Transportation when Alabama 59 was widened from two lanes to four through Foley.

Hellmich said Schreiber and other more experienced council members, such as Wayne Trawick, helped him learn about city operations.

“When I came on the council in 2004,. I knew nothing and Bob was already there. Wayne and folksguided me and you need that when you’re new at being a council member because it really takes a while and I’ve lived here my whole life,” Hellmich said.

Before his service in Foley, Schreiber served 20 years in the Marine Corps, being a decorated helicopter pilot during the Vietnam Conflict. After his military service, Schreiber earned a master’s degree in education and taught at Elberta Middle School.

Schreiber and his wife of 54 years, Mary Rush, received the proclamation from the City Council on Monday, May 6. He also has three children and four grandchildren.