Improvements and extensions of sidewalks on the west side of Foley would cost about $942,929 and the city is applying for a federal grant to pay for the bulk of the work. The cost to the city if the grant is approved would be about. $188,585.

During the June 20 meeting the city council gave the go ahead for a Transportation Alternatives Program application with money going toward work on Cater Lee Way, County Road 65, Airport Road, Dailey Lane and Little Rock Road.

Foley received an estimate from Volkert engineering firm to confirm the total cost of the project and if the award is approved the city would get $734,340 or the bulk of the cost.

Dailey Lane, Airport Road and Little Rock Road would extensions of five-foot paths and County Road 65 and Cater Lee Way would see a 10-foot indermodal path. The work on County Road 65 and Cater Lee Way would also include short sections of boardwalk.