FOLEY – Volunteers serving on city boards, museums, parks, the library and other areas improve services for residents throughout Foley.

The city recognized volunteers recently during an event Wednesday, April 24, at the Foley Civic Center. Volunteers met with city officials and staff members during the annual commemoration.

Mayor Ralph Hellmich said Foley could not provide many services that residents enjoy without the unpaid work by volunteers.

“You guys are so valuable to the city of Foley. You just don’t know. You man our boards, our trains, our museums and help the city in so many different ways,” Hellmich told volunteers. “You are so important to our city. We appreciate you giving back.”

He said volunteers include both longtime residents and people who have recently moved to Foley.

“A lot of new residents that are here are volunteers and a lot of our lifelong residents. No matter who you are, we appreciate it,” Hellmich said.

Volunteers operate the model trains at the Foley Railroad Museum, raise funds for the Public Library, plan beautification projects and serve on many boards and commissions in Foley.

The city relies on volunteers in at least 20 boards and agencies. Those agencies include: The Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals, Contractor Board of Adjustments and Appeals, Historical Commission, Fire Code Board of Adjustments and Appeals, Planning Commission, Industrial Development Board, Graham Creek Nature Preserve Advisory Board, Library Advisory Board, Friends of the Foley Library, Education Advisory Board, Museum Archives Board, Caboose Club, Foley Park model train drivers, Revitalization and Beautification Advisory Board, Senior Center Advisory Board, Municipal Court, Personnel Actions Committee, Housing Authority, Riviera Utilities Board, Public Park and Recreation Authority, Public Facilities Cooperative District, Public Athletic and Sports Facilities Cooperative District and city pastors.