FOLEY – City officials plan lighting improvements with an estimated cost of almost $500,000 in several areas of Foley where new projects are being constructed.

The city will add 145 new lights on East Pride Boulevard, Kenny Stabler Avenue and the site where the new Public Works campus is planned.

Mayor Ralph Hellmich said the new lights will be designed to not interfere with homes in nearby neighborhoods.

“We have made great pains to not affect the neighborhoods near this. We’re working with Riviera, Jeff looked at how they’ll be pointed. They’re LED lights, so they’re kind of directional,” Hellmich said. “We took great pains with this.”

The city will install 60 lights on East Pride Boulevard between Miflin Road and South Juniper Street. Those lights will cost $186,600. The city is also working to add wider sidewalks along that route with 8-foot wide walkways planned.

On Kenny Stabler Boulevard, the city will add 68 lights at a cost of $231,900 near Koniar Way. The city is also adding sidewalks along that roadway.

The city will add 17 lights at the site where the new Public Works Department campus is planned at the intersection of North Poplar Street and East Section Avenue. The cost of the lights for the Public Works site is $72,000.

The total cost of the lighting installations is $490,500.