It’s official, we are going live or should I say virtual! Please see our attached calendar. Our goal is to help each of you become acquainted and comfortable with the different applications available to do different programs. .So if you ever get stumped or have questions please call me, together we will work through it. The first application we will discover is Zoom. I have used this with meetings, I have participated in BINGO and Scattagories with a senior center in Auburn, Washington. To access Zoom you can use your smartphone, Ipad or tablet, laptop or a desktop computer. If you don’t have one of those, you can also call in on a telephone to participate. So nobody gets left out on a Zoom activity.

We are going to take this whole process slowly. Learn about and practice on Zoom this week, and next week we will have a ‘meeting’ to put it to use and see how everything is going. We are also going to add different activities slowly, allowing everyone to get comfortable with each type of activity.
Week of July 27 Calendar