South Baldwin Regional Medical Center has announced a $170 million dollar major expansion and renovation to advance medical services for the growing population of Baldwin County and greater coastal Alabama. Patients will experience a facility designed to provide the highest quality care, with entry through a new main lobby and registration to access patient care areas created to support healing and comfort. The exterior façade and finishes throughout the hospital will reflect the CMS five-star care provided within.

Plans for the largest building program in the hospital’s history include the addition of a 133,433 square foot, four-story patient tower to the existing structure. The tower will house a new surgical department on the first floor with a new dedicated outpatient entrance. The larger area will include ten operating rooms including three with robotic equipment, a new endoscopy center, a new patient prep and recovery area and PACU. The tower’s second and third floors will contain nursing units, including a new, larger intensive care unit. The future fourth floor shell space can be built out in the future to increase the bed count based on community need.

“This is the biggest construction project in our hospital’s history and it is designed to serve the needs of our community for generations to come,” said Daniel McKinney, chief executive officer of South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. “Access to quality healthcare is critical to the current and future success of our region, supporting economic development and quality of life and we appreciate the ongoing support from the South Baldwin Healthcare Authority. This investment will create a hospital that reflects the 5- star quality care our patients receive.”

Hospital inpatients will receive care in all-private rooms with layouts supporting the nurses, physicians and other caregivers in their work. Nurses will be placed closer to patients with more direct access to equipment and supplies, increasing their efficiency and supporting their ability to deliver the highest quality care.

Community Health Systems Chairman and CEO Wayne T. Smith, who was on hand to participate in the groundbreaking for the new South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Freestanding Emergency Department, voiced the company’s commitment to the project and services for the region, “Today is about the future of healthcare for Foley and greater coastal Alabama. The region is growing quickly and we’re committed to serving residents with safe, quality care using the latest technologies and best practices of modern healthcare. This project will be a springboard for bigger and better things in the coming years.”

Major renovations of existing spaces include a new laboratory and expansion of the existing pharmacy and dietary areas. The exterior of the existing building will be refinished to match the new construction.

Parking areas for patients and staff will be increased by more than 50 percent with the addition of a new employee parking area on the adjacent property. Sustainable construction practices, such as recycling construction debris, will be applied throughout the building process.

Construction will take place in phases over a 36-month period once the required state approvals are received. A letter of intent is being submitted to the State Health Planning and Development Agency this afternoon, with a formal application to follow.