“98-L is now Tropical Depression #9 or TD Nine: Storm appears as if it is better organizing. As the storm continues to develop, we are anticipating it to becoming a strong storm in a short amount of time. – We shall see. As far as the path, this morning’s models are beginning to focus on central to South Florida. Remember the Cone of Error is about 200 miles and is indicating the eye could travel anywhere between those points. Here in our part of the state we have a front moving through sometime Monday night. We are hopeful that the front will be what causes this storm to take more of an eastern turn. Nothing is concrete but we have a couple of factors that are greatly benefiting us as of today. I will continue to keep you posted. NO CHANGE IN OPERATIONAL READINESS AT THIS TIME” – Zach

As far as messaging to the public, we have shared the latest 5 day forecast from National Weather Service of Mobile. (You can see that graphic attached). We are also informing public to sign up for local, emergency alerts through AlertBaldwin.com and to be aware of misinformation.