The new facility is projected to be 208,000 square feet, and will include surgical suites, a Women’s and Children’s Center of Excellence on the second floor, and additional inpatient beds. The third floor will be divided into a surgical ICU and an inpatient ward, while the fourth floor will be for patients with infectious or contagious illnesses.
The project is estimated at $186 million. It will be the largest expansion at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center.
“I’ve been with the hospital for 17 years, and this is truly the most exciting time that I have ever seen in healthcare for this community,” said Interim CEO Margaret Roley during the first Leadership Series hosted by the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce for 2022 on Thursday, Feb. 17. “One thing that I am very, very excited about is to be able to stand here and deliver a healthcare system to a community that deserves it. I love this community, I love the people here, and being able to bring this to you guys is one of the most exciting things that I’ve been able to announce and do.”