The City of Foley’s debris removal contractor D&J Enterprises is entering the final phases of the Hurricane Sally cleanup for those who live within the incorporated city limits.  In an effort to facilitate this process, the City is setting an end date of Sunday Nov. 29, 2020 for items to be placed on the right of way for pickup.  While it is clear that there are still piles awaiting pickup, the quantity and size of those remaining debris piles are steadily dwindling with an end in sight.

If you are concerned about a pile that has not yet been picked up, you are encouraged to leave a message containing the address for the Public Works office at 251-943-8897.  Please remember that mixed type debris piles or piles containing bagged debris are not allowed according to FEMA regulations.  Piles should be sorted into debris types as indicated in the graphic guideline – vegetative debris, construction and demolition debris, household hazardous waste, white goods, and electronic waste.

This announcement comes with an acknowledgment that some residents may not be able to meet this deadline for having all debris out for pickup within the next two weeks and the City would like to assure them that a plan is in place to continue cleanup until all is completed.  The Sanitation department will resume picking up vegetative and construction debris piles that meet the guidelines set forth in the ordinances (i.e. – 6 cubic yards total per week; max 6 foot length; max 6 inch diameter for limbs; contractor created debris should be removed by contractor).  Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis, so please contact the Public Works office directly if you have questions or concerns.  The City of Foley would like to thank residents for their cooperation and patience during this challenging recovery time.