The question on everyone’s mind is when will all this debris be taken away? Contractors are working across Foley, from early morning until almost dark, seven days a week, to remove the unprecedented amount of debris from downed trees left in the wake of Hurricane Sally.

On Sunday, Sept. 27, a total of 39 of the huge trucks, averaging 9.8 loads per day, were hauling away debris. The seven day collection total was 102,000 cubic yards. Think of a cubic yard as the size of a washing machine. Early estimates predict vegetative debris from the storm may be 550,000 – 600,000 cubic yards. Some city officials believe this estimate may prove to be low.

Even with so many trucks in operation, working every day, it will take several weeks to pick up everything from across the city.

Thank you for your patience. The trucks will come.

On Monday, Sept. 28, the trucks also began picking up other debris, which is to be sorted into six separate categories: construction, vegetative, hazardous waste, large appliances and electronics.

Actually, the trucks will come twice. After the first sweep across the city, the trucks will return a second time. Anyone who does not have everything out on the street for the first pass will get a second chance for pickup.

Residents are asked to please not burn debris. All outdoor burning is banned in 12 counties, including Baldwin, until Oct. 31, by order of the Alabama Forestry Commission.