The Foley city council will meet in a joint work/regular session on Nov. 7 at 4 p.m. at city hall. During the meeting the council will:

Conduct two public hearings on nuisance weeds and ordering the abatement of the weeds at 1260 Briarwood Drive and 2550 S. McKenzie St. The council will also set a public hearing on nuisance weeds at 416 W. Orchid Ave.

Discuss the recent Graham Creek Haunted Forest attraction during the Halloween holidays.

Hear a presentation on the fiscal year 2023 budget with the resolution saying the budget is not balanced and the city plans to spend $13 million from reserves to “aggressively address continued above average growth.”

Have a first reading and introduction of changes to the land development ordinance regarding new rules for stormwater runoff on sites being redeveloped. The council will also set a public hearing on the ordinance change.

Have a first reading and introduction of an ordinance to rezone land owned by Richard Schwartz and Jim Brown from local business district to RV park. It involves two lots with a smaller one fronting the south side of Miflin Road near the Pride Drive intersection and another five-acre track connected to it. The Foley Planning Commission gave the rezoning a favorable recommendation. The council will also set a public hearing on the ordinance change.

Consider two retail liquor licenses, one for a Family Dollar store located at 761 S. McKenzie St. and a second for Jim N Nick’s BBQ at 2500 S. McKenzie St.

Consider a resolution to buy three drones and related equipment for the patrol division of the police department. There is $25,000 budgeted for the purchase.

Consider a resolution to accept a grant award from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for $21,000 to help pay for the State Route 59 corridor comprehensive plan update. The total cost of the project is $42,000.

Consider a resolution memorializing the installation of lights along a Graham Creek boardwalk to be used during holiday events at a cost of $7,000.

Consider a resolution approving entering a drug task force overtime reimbursement agreement with the FBI for fiscal year 2023 of up to $25,000.

Consider purchasing a 15-passenger golf cart for the Nature Parks Department for $31,000 to transport park visitors during events and tours.

Consider a $21,150 contract with Volkert to perform a phase two environmental site assessment on the Hamburg Building. The money is not budgeted but the report is necessary for future development of the building dating back to 1918.

Hear a request from the police department to transfer funds from the personal gear account to the capital purchase account for $5,395 for a ballistic rifle shield.

Discuss a resolution investing $5 million in the First Bank instead of PNC at an interest rate .4 percent higher than offered by PNC.

Discuss a resolution for a contract with Sawgrass Consulting for $36,450 for engineering on repaving the Riviera Utilities employee parking lot.

Consider new security cameras for the Foley Pedestrian Bridge to increase public safety.

Consider a resolution to move council work/regular session meetings because of conflicts with holidays. The council will meet on Jan. 3 instead of Jan. 2 which is the designated holiday for New Year’s Day and moving the Jan. 16 meeting to Jan. 17 for the Martin Luther King holiday.

Hear a resolution amending the pay classification for positions in the library to restructure the Children’s Division and expand services in the new Children and Youth Services Division.

Memorialize a resolution to waive fees for using Heritage Park for Andrea Overstreet for a Redemption Church worship service on Nov. 6.

Consider a resolution to enter an interoperability communications agreement with Baldwin County to authorize the city to use county radio channels and frequencies.

Consider a resolution approving buying a K9 dual purpose dog for the police department for $10,000 to replace a retired dog.

Consider a resolution memorializing reimbursement from the Alabama Career Center System for an On the Job Training Program with a maximum amount of $5,378.

Consider a resolution memorializing a reimbursement through the Alabama Workforce Stabilization Program with $4,050 covered for training two new sanitation workers.

Discuss reappointing Carolyne Hollis to the Revitalization and Beautification Advisory Board.

Consider a resolution to reappoint Bill Swanson to the Foley Building Authority, the Foley Library Authority, Foley Public Parks and Recreation and Redevelopment Authority Board.

Consider waiving fees for the Foley Civic Center for the Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Senior Center and Calvary Chapel.

Discuss accepting a $6,000 donation from the Friends of the Foley Library to purchase shelving.

Consider a resolution to approve the leasing of T-hangar end units on the north apron of the Foley Airport and establishing a lease rate.

Discuss a resolution to amend the budget for the purchase of a 2022 Ford F150 four-wheel drive truck for $32,121 for the sanitation department.

Consider a resolution to approve buying embroidered shirts for planning commission members.

Discuss a resolution to amend the pay classification plan for the police department to eliminate the vacant position of assistant chief corrections officers and add the position of corrections shift leader.

Hear a resolution to approve applying for a grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs for the police department equipment purchases. The grant is for $24,000 with no match required from the city.