The Archery Shooters Association (ASA) is no stranger to Foley. The Hoyt Archery Pro/Am has kicked off the ASA season in Foley for the last six years, but this year the world can watch live on the Sportsman Channel.

For the last few years, Competition Archery Media (CAM) has worked closely with ASA, streaming shoot downs live to their Facebook page. CAM’s General Manager Josh Grine said the deal with the Sportsman Channel came about because all involved have a mission to grow the sport of 3D archery and in turn, expose new people to it. That mission will no doubt be a success considering the number of people they now have the ability to reach.

“Last year’s Hoyt Pro/Am shoot down has had 179,200 views to date,” Grine explained. “This year, with the addition of the Sportsman Channel, MyOutdoorTV, and additional Facebook platforms we have the potential to reach over 30 million viewers. The Sportsman Channel has 28 million subscribers and over 800,000 followers on Facebook. When we combine that with CAM’s growing audience, we have the potential to introduce a lot of people to 3D archery.”

While the jump would lead many to believe there would need to be large-scale changes in production, Grine said the quality that CAM has produced the last few years has been TV-ready, they just needed the partnership to make it happen. And while the Hoyt Archery Pro/am will be the first ASA event on the Sportsman Channel, there weren’t any concerns about pulling it off in Foley.

“We are very glad to be holding our first event in Foley,” Grine said. “The event center and staff are top-notch and provide great support. I know the ASA has been working with the folks in Foley to ensure this event is run at the level we have all come to expect from both the ASA and Foley. Foley has been an absolutely great venue, we couldn’t ask for a better set-up as a media and production company.”

ASA President Mike Tyrell said the top-notch production from CAM and the continued five-star support from the entire City of Foley are helping the organization grow the sport they are so passionate about, even during a global pandemic.

“An activity that allows people to participate outdoors and social distance provides an opportunity that is in short supply,” Tyrell said. “The ability to make this happen is actually thanks to the City of Foley. Without the Foley Sports Tourism team and the great folks at Graham Creek, we wouldn’t have an event. We are very grateful to CAM and their vision that is making this possible, and to the City of Foley for their support.”

Foley Director of Recreation and Sports Tourism, David Thompson said continuous improvements within the department and the buy-in of the city’s mayor and council are what made it possible for Foley Sports Tourism to accommodate such a high-end production.

“Not every city is as blessed as Foley to have leadership that not only knows in their bones the beauty of where they live but have the desire to share that beauty with others,” Thompson said. “They have supported us every step of the way so that we can create strong partnerships with organizations like ASA. They understand what this means for our economy and what kind, respectful visitors ASA draws to our community. Visitors we always hope will come to see us again and again.”

Those wishing to view the shoot down can do so on the Sportsman Channel, the Sportsman Channel Facebook page, the CAM Facebook page, and the MyOutdoorTV app.

For more information on the Hoyt Archery Pro/Am, contact Stephanie Donald.