Eric Roach was appointed as the CEO of South Baldwin Regional Medical Center on Jan. 18. Recently he spoke at the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce’s first Leadership Series of the year. During the presentation, Roach discussed the past, present, and future of South Baldwin Regional.


“Our mission has been two-fold since [the pandemic],” he said. “We want to take care of the COVID patients and at the same time we want to be able to take care of everybody else, because while we’re dealing with COVID, healthcare is 24/7, 365. We still have patients coming through our ER, we still have patients who need surgeries or some kind of imaging exam or lab exam … We really have a dual mission, to be ready for COVID and be able to service the rest of the community with their healthcare needs.”

Roach said as of Feb. 9, the day of the presentation, the hospital had 16 COVID patients in-house, a significant decline from the 40 COVID patients in-house when he was appointed CEO. In an effort to increase the decline, South Baldwin Regional has administered COVID vaccinations when supplies allowed. Read more on