The Foley Planning Commission plans two upcoming meetings for February, a work session on Feb. 8 and a regular session on Feb. 15.

During the meeting, the commission will discuss:

A request for Terracore Development Services for a one-year extension of a preliminary approval for Primland Phase 3 for a 50-lot subdivision on 23 acres at the southeast intersection of County Road 12 and Wolf Bay Drive. It was first approved in March of 2019 and received extensions in 2021 and 2022 according to the meeting agenda. City staffers are recommending approval of the request.

A request for a six-month extension for Riverside at Arbor Walk Phase 3 located east of County Road 65 and north of County Road 12 and containing 46 acres. This is the third extension requested on this project and city staffers are recommending approval.

A request for approval of a subdivision for the 1.6-acre Hadley-Jones parcel in the city’s planning jurisdiction. It is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Hadley Road and North Juniper Street and unzoned in the county. Staff is recommending approval of this request.

A public hearing on a request from Dewberry Engineers for approval of a minor subdivision of 76 acres in the Driftwoods Two development located south of County Road 26 and east of County Road 65. The applicant seeks to combine three lots into two lots and the property is in the city’s planning jurisdiction and unzoned in the county. Staff recommends approval of the requested subdivision.



A proposed subdivision in the Creek Ridge development located north of County Road 12 and on both sides of Clark Ridge Road with a total of 45 acres to develop parcels into one or two subdivisions. The property is located in the city’s planning jurisdiction and staff is recommending its approval.

A request from Sawgrass Consulting for rezoning of the Craft property to a planned unit development at the parcel located a east of the Foley Beach Express between County Road 20 and County Road 12. Developers are looking to build a mixed-use PUD on the 183 acres with multi-family residential on the eastern edge of the property with the western portion to remain separate and commercial.