On December 9, 2019 a citizen came to the Foley Police Department to file a Found Property report. He had purchased a suitcase from the Waterfront Mission in Foley a couple of months prior. He pulled the suitcase out to clean it for an upcoming trip and found a pouch in the bottom of the suitcase that contained several travelers’ checks totaling $11, 570.00! All of the checks had been signed by a woman named Karen. Through an investigation we were able to locate the owner of the travelers’ checks.   Ms. Karen McGurk advised the detective that in 1997 she had purchased travelers checks but that her home was burglarized in the early 2000’s and someone had stolen the checks. What she did not know is that travelers’ checks never expire!

With much excitement, on December 11th Ms. McGurk came to the police department to claim the travelers’ checks. She advised our detective that she has had some costly medical expenses come up, that very day, and she didn’t have the money for the procedure. This was most definitely a Christmas blessing!