There are two police officers assigned to Code Enforcement. Code enforcement officers help protect the safety and health of citizens by ensuring that buildings, dwellings, and land in the city of Foley are in accordance with city ordinances. Additionally, we ensure that all new businesses to the area have obtained proper business licenses and permits. We also investigate the abandonment of vehicles, junk, trash, litter and debris, environmental or health hazards, as these fall under the category of maintaining the quality of life for all Foley citizens. Animal control is also a part of code enforcement. There are numerous ordinances involving dogs. Most people are dog lovers, but not everyone, so dogs must be kept in check according to municipal ordinances. Officers often capture canines that are running at large. Every effort is made to locate the owner of the canine, to include posting photos on the Foley Police Facebook Page. On one occasion, after pursuing for days and finally capturing this canine, it was determined that the owner, who lived in North Alabama, had been in Foley on vacation when his dog was lost. The owner had returned home thinking he would never see Roscoe again. Three months after Roscoe was lost, the two were reunited. It is stories like this that we enjoy most.

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