Foley Mayor John Koniar was honored at the Monday, Oct. 19 council meeting, his final meeting as mayor. Along with a proclamation for his time in service, a commendation from Governor Kay Ivey, a shadowbox created by city staff commemorating his public service, and speeches made by guests and councilmembers, the council approved a final surprise: naming a street in his honor. Koniar Way, Foley’s newest road, is a north-south connector from County Road 20 to Kenny Stabler Avenue near the Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermen’s Market. The city plans for the road to be completed by the end of the year.

“We talked to all the council about this and if it should be street, avenue, what, and they said they think it needs to be Koniar Way,” said Mayor-elect Ralph Hellmich. “The reason why is because he had a way of handling government and working with everybody, and we felt that was most appropriate … John has his opinion but he likes for everybody to work together, and it’s something that we’ve all learned from here in Foley. I think it makes our city better.” Read more at