FOLEY – South Pecan Street now provides additional north-south connectivity in Foley following the opening of the city’s latest road project Friday. 

The South Pecan Street extension will provide access from U.S. 98 south to Pride Boulevard, a distance of about 1.7 miles. Mayor Ralph Hellmich said the road will allow more drivers to move north and south without having to use Alabama 59.

“It will improve connectivity,” he said.

He said the new road will also improve golf cart and pedestrian access in the area.

“One of the things that we did that was part of the conditions is that we made this golf cart friendly,” Hellmich said. “There are about 300 new homes in that area, and now they can access the RV park and they can go all the way to OWA on a golf cart.”

As part of the project, the sidewalk in the area was expanded to accommodate golf carts.

“We actually widened this sidewalk over here and redid it to make it big enough for golf carts,” Hellmich said. “This whole thing was dedicated as golf-cart friendly.”

He said the city will also add more sidewalks in upcoming weeks and plans to add a crosswalk in the area to improve pedestrian access.

The project will not only improve north-south connectivity for drivers, but will allow golf carts and pedestrians better access to nearby Foley sports and events activities as well as the OWA resort.

The South Pecan Street extension is near the Tropic Falls RV Resort. The resort was opened by OWA, which is operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. 

Hellmich said the PCI and OWA donated land needed for the right of way for the extension. The donation allowed the road to be built with needed drainage and paths for golf carts and pedestrians.

“We want to thank the PCI and OWA for donating the land,” Hellmich said. “Their donation of property was critical. We couldn’t have done it enough to where the drainage and everything would fit, the road, the ditch sidewalks and everything.”

The City Council approved the project in 2020. The final cost when all work is completed is estimated to be between $800,000 and $850,000.