FOLEY –  The Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am is returning to Foley for the ninth year Feb. 22 – 25 and organizers are looking to top the event attendance record they set in 2023.

Last year was a banner year for the competition with 2,044 shooters competing. Participants represented more than 40 states and four countries in the competition, which is the first stop on the Archery Shooters Association Delta McKenzie Pro/Am Tour.

Josh Grine , ASA president, said not only has that kind of attendance never been seen in Foley, the organization has only experienced attendance that high twice in its history across all competition sites.

Grine said that archery as a sport is growing and so are the competitions.  That’s due, in part, to greater access to information on how the events are run. One example is the broadcasting of the Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am in Foley on YouTube and the Sportsman Channel thanks to Competition Archery Media. A number of people who watch the broadcasts are looking to try competing for the first time. He said choosing which event to compete in often comes down to location and atmosphere.

“Probably the largest contributing factor to the success in Foley is the city itself. Foley is an amazing location with plenty of hotels, restaurants and, most importantly, incredible people. Our staff, as well as the shooters that come, all feel and experience the amazing hospitality that Foley offers,” Grine said “Second, is most certainly the location. While most of the country is experiencing winter, archers and families can escape to a warmer, more pleasant climate. This fact is evidenced by the number of shooters who come down for the whole week instead of just a few days like other events. They also bring their families and turn it into a vacation.”

Grine said the ASA is expecting another great turnout but a lot depends on the weather. If Foley can dial up some sunshine he thinks they may be celebrating another new attendance milestone. Foley Sustainability and Natural Resources Director Leslie Gahagan said that while she can’t control the weather, she can control making sure anyone who shows up for the Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am experiences the best Foley has to offer rain or shine.

“We want every single visitor to enjoy Foley, whether there are three shooters or 3,000,” Gahagan said. “While we are always hoping to set new records, it’s important to us to make sure everyone feels the city’s welcoming hospitality so that even a little rain won’t stop them from coming back year to year. We do that by staying organized and putting scalable plans in place for every situation.”

The Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am will take place at the Graham Creek Nature Preserve on Feb. 22 – 25. The Pro Pressure Point Shoot Down will happen at the Foley Event Center Feb. 24. The Shoot Down will be streamed live on YouTube and broadcast on the Sportsman Channel through Competition Archery Media. For more information on the Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am contact Stephanie Donald at