All over Baldwin County, you can see FEMA debris management sites popping up. These sites, characterized by the mountains of debris and large trucks driving to and from the location, are the first stop for debris left behind by Hurricane Sally after being picked up from along the streets.

In Foley, the site is located at Barin Field. As of Oct. 9, there were 50 trucks in operation in Foley, and after 6,079 truckloads, 355,991 cubic yards of debris had been removed. In Orange Beach, the debris management site is near The Wharf, and as of Oct. 9 the city’s debris contractor CrowderGulf had hauled 297,500 cubic yards of debris, or approximately 13,500 dump truck loads’ worth. Of that, 17,000 cubic yards was marine debris, 19,500 cubic yards was debris from the Backcountry Trail, and 1,150 cubic yards is white goods debris. Gulf Shores has a site adjacent to Jack Edwards National Airport, with an estimated cost of debris removal nearly $6 million. Officials there estimate around 300,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris will be disposed of. Read more at