It is understandable that residents are frustrated by debris that has not been picked up. Please be aware that contractors are working 6 days a week to collect it.
On a daily basis, Foley has 40 to 50 of the huge double dump trucks working across the city, daily picking up over 300 loads collectively.
Already, they have collected approximately 560,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris. That would cover 100 football fields, 3-feet high.  Or another way to look at it is to imagine Jordan Hare or Bryant Denny’s single field covered 300 feet high with tree limbs.
We are all tired of seeing debris. Hurricane Sally was a very destructive storm, and the volume of tree and limb debris to be collected is staggering.
The contractors are working to pick up vegetative debris and also other types of debris. The trucks have also picked up 606 loads of construction debris – some examples are shingles and fences. This pickup continues daily also.
Please remember to separate debris into different piles – vegetative, construction, etc.
Please keep new trimmings and lawn clippings separate. Those will be picked up by regular city crews. It is not paid for by FEMA, and mixing types of debris could jepordize pickup of it all.
The trucks are working daily. If they have not been to your street yet, they are coming.