Foley Main Street has launched a new “shop local” program to bring more money and attention to independent small businesses in Downtown Foley.  The community gift card called  Downtown Dollars, is a Mastercard gift card that will universally work at multiple local Downtown Foley businesses. This program is continual and will be around for a long time.

To start it off – Foley Main Street has invested $1,000.00 in a Fall campaign. Beginning Oct 13, 2023 when you purchase a gift card, there is a 25% discount until the fund runs out.  The gift card program is here to stay year-round. There will be more offers and giveaways throughout the years.

“The Downtown Dollars Gift Card will give people the gift of choice. They can buy one gift card and it will work at a variety of locations, rather than having to pick and choose just one business. It’s an easy way to support downtown businesses, and it allows businesses to gain new customers,” said President Chad Watkins.

Consumers can purchase a Downtown Dollars Gift Card by visiting and clicking on the Gift Card link. They will see a listing of local businesses that accept the card, plus business contact information, a map with pin locations, and an online order form.

“Events like cash mobs or Small Business Saturdays are great, but we wanted to add a way for our community to support our great small businesses year-round,” said Darrelyn Dunmore, Executive Director.

The card is a great gift for family or friends for any occasion, or as employee recognition rewards that companies can give to employees (bulk orders available).  “Many local employers want to do something nice for their employees, but sometimes settle on giving national chain gift cards because there is nothing obvious available locally without having to pick winners and losers,” said Watkins. “Now we have a great alternative.”

“Foley Main Street is extremely happy to provide this shop local program to the downtown businesses,” said Dunmore. “We hope the community can support this wonderful initiative to boost our local economy.”

To learn more about the Downtown Dollars Gift Card visit  and click on the Gift Card link. Look for the WE 

ACCEPT DOWNTOWN DOLLARS sticker at the businesses downtown.