FOLEY – Crews will be putting the final touches on two projects to beautify the downtown area in Foley.

An underground vault to cover a pump for the Centennial Park Fountain in John B. Foley Park will be added to the project. Crews are also completing the extension of the Perry Wilbourne Rose Trail across East Laurel Avenue about one block from the fountain.

The rest of the work to renovate the fountain was completed at the beginning of May. The plans for the project, however, had not included an underground vault for the pump providing water to the fountain.

The City Council approved a change order in the contract for the project to install a vault and place the pump underground at a cost of $35,667.

Mayor Ralph Hellmich said that while the underground vault was not included in the original plans, city officials determined that the fountain would look better with the pump out of sight.

“We elected to, aesthetically, put it underground and so we had to buy the vault,” Hellmich said. “ We did a change order for that. When that all gets back, they’ll move all of the above ground stuff, so you won’t see any of it. It will just be a vaulted area with a covered top.”

He said the change will improve the appearance of the renovated fountain.

“It will look good when that’s done,” he said.

Jeff Phillips, city construction manager, said the pump on the original fountain had been concealed by a vault. He said the original pump and vault would not work with the new fountain.

He said the pump now in place is a temporary model and will be returned when the work is completed.

Crews are also finishing work on a green space near the Foley Dog Park and post office. The site had been a parking lot. Hellmich said the project will extend the walking trail area that includes city parks and antique rose trail.

He said work is the latest in a series of improvements in Foley that have been going on for several years.

“We’re now trying to finish the last of the streetscape program, which is Phase 9 and that is that little section by the post office creating a greenway the entire Perry Wilbourne Rose Trail,” Hellmich said. “That one is well on its way too.”