As of Monday, July 27, 2020, the Foley Public Library has started curbside service along with our regular library services.  This means patrons can call the library and ask to have items brought out to them while they sit in their car.

Items must already be in the Foley Public Library or if they are Hold Items, they must have already arrived at the Foley Public Library before a pick up time can be scheduled.  If you have never placed a Hold on an item, any of our Circulation Staff will be happy to help you learn how.

To schedule a pick up, please call 251-943-7665, give them your name, and schedule a time to pick up your items between 9 am & 4:30 pm.  All deliveries are allowed 15 minutes past their scheduled time to pick up their items.  So if a pick up is scheduled for 3:00 pm, the patron has until 3:15 pm to pick up their items.

Once the patron arrives at the library, they can call the library to let them know they are in the back/north parking lot.  Just pull up outside the back doors.  There is no need to park.  A library employee will bring your books out to you.  You can also return items this way if you are picking up items.  Please put your return items in a bag.

Should you not have a cell phone, please call the library right before you leave your home and give us an estimated time of arrival.  We will watch out for you.

This service will continue as long as we feel it is necessary during this stressful time.

For more information on this and any of our other services, please call 251-943-7665.  You can also visit our website at or check out the library’s Facebook page.