In the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, the Foley Public Library is open and ready to assist local residents.  In addition to our normal services we have opened all 28 of our computer workstations so local residents can have better access to the Internet in order to file FEMA reports, contact their insurance agencies, check their email, contact businesses, etc.  We will be available to assist those less familiar with computers in gaining access to the Internet.  And, while we cannot fill out forms for individuals we can assist in the act of accessing the sites needed to fulfill patron needs.

In addition, for those who remain without power at home we offer a hospitality area in our upstairs meeting room so you can relax in an air conditioned facility.  We will offer light refreshments as well.

As a safety precaution for staff and residents our hours will temporarily change to 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday.  We will return to our regular hours after the debris has been completely removed from the streets in Foley and all streets are passable.  This is to avoid staff and library patrons from driving after dark on streets with debris.