Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board Executive Director Chip Carden today authorized the waiver of requirements for issuance of a roofer license pursuant to Board regulations to allow for emergency roofers licenses to be issued in Baldwin and Mobile Counties only.
Governor Kay Ivey declared a state of emergency pursuant to the Alabama Emergency Act of 1955 with the expected and ultimate landfall of Hurricane Sally on September 16, 2020 at Gulf Shores, Baldwin County, Alabama. The provisions of the State of Emergency are in effect for sixty (60) days.
The Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board has the statutory and regulatory authority over the homebuilding industry to include the requirements and issuance of licenses. Ala. Code Sec. 34-14A-1, et seq.
The Board Executive Director during emergencies may invoke, the Emergency Roofing Licenses provision of the regulations pursuant to Ala. Admin r. 465-X-3-.04(7) and as authorized when the Governor declares a state of emergency.
“Based upon the assessments of residential structural damage, especially the extent of roof damage throughout Baldwin and Mobile counties and the number out-of-state contractors coming in to do work, it was determined the emergency roofing provision would be necessary,” said Board Executive Director Chip Carden.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sally the provisions of the State of Emergency are in effect for (60) days. There has been widespread residential structural damage in Baldwin and Mobile counties.
Under the emergency requirements, the issuance of an emergency roofers license shall require:
• Completion of an emergency application
• $100 application fee
• Demonstration of a bond
• The remaining requirements are waived.
An emergency roofers license is valid for only sixty days from the date of the emergency declaration and shall not be renewed. All persons or businesses operating under an emergency license must go through the normal licensing procedures for a full roofers or other license after November 13, 2020. The use of an emergency roofers license as issued by the State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board is valid in Baldwin and Mobile counties only at this time.
For information contact the Home Builders Licensure Board, or
(334) 242-2230.