On Wednesday, July 10, the Foley Police Department will begin a new program, Cardio with a Cop. The intention of this program is to prepare those interested in becoming a police officer for the Physical Training (PT) Test required prior to being hired.

The Foley Police Department wants to give those with interest the best chance to succeed in this field. Cardio with a Cop allows applicants the ability to train with our officers. This training will involve both strength and cardio to prepare applicants for the PT Test needed to be hired by the department.

The Physical Training Test is required by all agencies in the state of Alabama. Officers will also go through the PT Test numerous times during APOSTC. It includes completing 22 push-ups in under 60 seconds, 25 sit-ups in under 60 seconds, an obstacle course in under 90 seconds, and 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes and 28 seconds. Cardio with a Cop will prepare you to conquer each of element of the test and give you the best chance to be successful when Prospect Day arrives.

The participants of Cardio with a Cop will meet two to three times a week over the course of six weeks. The officers helping with this program will be designated to help with the training process based on their fitness backgrounds. This includes an officer currently training for a marathon, an officer with a purple belt in jujitsu, two certified fitness instructors, and more. By the end of the six week training program, we will have a Prospect Day for participants to undergo.

We believe this program will not only help prepare you, but also give you an opportunity to meet some of our staff before joining our team. This program is open to all those interested in joining law enforcement. Even if you are considering working for other agencies, we encourage all to sign up for our program to better prepare before applying.

More than anything, the Foley Police Department is looking to grow the field. This department wants those interested to join law enforcement and provide an avenue to be successful.

More information is available on the Foley Police Department’s social media pages. The sign up link is available on the flyer.