The City of Foley is beginning garbage service on Saturday, Sept. 19. Due to damage and closed roads, the pickup THIS WEEKEND will be random. Place your garbage on the street. There will be no alley pickup. The trucks will pick up as much as possible that they can get to this weekend.
DUE TO EXTENSIVE DAMAGE, there is a new schedule that will be in effect indefinitely. If the road is impassible for large trucks, the trucks will not be able to pick up. Do your best to make your can accessible for the trucks.
NEW SCHEDULE BEGINS MONDAY, SEPT. 21. This schedule allows for the most efficient, fastest pickup.
The city is divided into 4 quadrants, with Hwy 59 and Hwy 98 as the dividing lines.
On Monday, the south-east quadrant (south of 98 and east of 59).
On Tuesday, the the north-east quadrant (north of 98 and east of 59).
On Wednesday, the north-west quadrant (north of 98 and west of 59).
On Thursday, the south-west quadrant (south of 98 and west of 59).
Do not use recycle cans for garbage. Recycling is suspended indefinitely as the recycling center is not operational.