In the sudden adversity caused by Hurricane Sally, Baldwin REALTORS ® leadership formed a plan to help the devastated homeowners and renters of Baldwin County. What started as aiding through donations of non-perishables and generators has now turned into a newly formed non-profit foundation with a substantial grant of $200,000 to distribute in the community. The Baldwin REALTORS® Foundation received the National Association of REALTORS®’ (NAR) REALTORS® Relief Foundation Grant to assist anyone in the Baldwin County community who has suffered loss to a primary residence from the storm. Those who lease and have had to move due to damages can receive assistance, as well.
“As an association, we promote our REALTORS® as the ‘REAL Experts, Advisors and Advocates’ of Baldwin County,” said Baldwin REALTORS® CEO Sheila Dodson. “How can we continue to say this of ourselves if we do not unite to help our communities in a time of great need? Our efforts to form the Foundation and acquire this grant have been done for the many people we know are hurting from Hurricane Sally.”
For homeowners, money received through the grant can be used to cover one month’s mortgage payment. For renters displaced from their rental residence, it can cover the security deposit or one month’s rent for a new lease. The grant is not based on financial need; if you meet the criteria predetermined by NAR, you could receive up to $1,500 toward a mortgage, rent, or security deposit payment.
“We are urging people in the community to consider this opportunity of assistance,” said Andrea Shilston, Baldwin REALTORS® President and Board Member of the BR® Foundation. “While you may be financially ‘above water’ in this current moment, what will it look like six months from now when you have to pay the final bill for home repairs? The money we have available now could provide the cushion you need later on.”
To receive money from this grant, you must fill out the coordinating application. This application is due by December 1, 2020 and can be found at It is a digital file that can be filled out and submitted entirely on a computer (or other device), but it can also be printed and brought to Baldwin REALTORS® Office at 23280 County Road 65 in Robertsdale. If you need assistance with your application, volunteers will be available to assist you on Monday, November 2 from 11AM – 1PM at Baldwin REALTORS®.

About Baldwin REALTORS® Foundation
The purpose of the Baldwin REALTORS® Foundation, Inc. is to help people in our community who have been affected by natural disasters, illness, or other unfortunate circumstances.

About Baldwin REALTORS®
Baldwin REALTORS® is the source for real estate in Southern Alabama. We provide resources, education and tools to over 2,400 professionals across the region. We work to protect the interests of property owners, and our members serve buyers and sellers as REAL Advocates, Advisors, and Experts. Realtors agree to abide by a strict code of ethics and are held to a high ethical standard by their peers through their association membership. The term Realtor is a federally registered trademark owned by the National Association of REALTORS® and denotes membership in the nonprofit association.