There will be two Foley City Council meetings on Feb. 21, the first a special session at 3:30 p.m. to consider accepting a review of the audit of the 2021-year budget which ended on Sept. 30. A combined regular session and work session will start at 4 p.m. Both will be in council chambers at city hall.

During the joint regular/work session, the council will discuss:

An ordinance to the business license ordinance to add a public service license for vendors who offer services to the city and gross less than $2,000 a year like vendors offering programs at the Senior Center, Library, Civic Center and Sports and Recreation. Those businesses would pay $20 a year. It also includes an amendment for licenses at the Coastal Alabama Farmer’s and Fishermen’s Market who gross less than $5,000 a year to pay $32 for an annual license. The license is specific to the market on Miflin Road next to Wolf Bay Lodge. The council will also discuss set a public hearing date on the proposed ordinance change.

A liquor license for Gulf Links Golf Center at 3901 S. McKenzie St. located in the northeast corner of the intersection of McKenzie and County Road 12.

A liquor license for 50 50 Lounge located at 8380 State Route 59 north of Old Time Pottery on the east side of the highway.

A liquor license for a new Aldi grocery store for off premises use only for beer and wine. The story is planned for 130 E. Pride Blvd.

A resolution to approve a variance for a Food Truck and Craft Festival hosted by Christie Sachse/Apex Shows & Events in Heritage Park on May 21. They day will include live music all day, a bounce house and a local nonprofit will offer alcohol sales. Foley off-duty police officers will have to be present due to alcohol sales if the event is approved by council.

A resolution declaring a 2002 Ford Windstar minivan used by the Marketing Department as surplus and will also approve its disposal if the resolution is passed.

A resolution to approve the transfer of $6,000 from Public Works to Community Development to cover the cost of an electric F-150 Lightning Ford truck. Community Development budgeted $30,000 but the lowest bid from Moyer Ford was $35,999. Public works is also receiving the same model truck but budgeted $43,000 so the extra money will cover the cost of the Community Development vehicle.

A resolution appointing Wayne Dyess to the new position of Executive Director of Infrastructure and Development for as long as the current administration is in office.

A resolution to authorize a municipal securities post-issuance disclosure policy of the City of Foley. According to city documents, “This policy affirms the city’s commitment to fair post-issuance disclosure. The goal is to establish and maintain guidelines for presenting related financial reports, documents and events to interested third parties, financial institutions and the general public in compliance with the Rule and the City’s continuing disclosure undertakings.”

A resolution approving contracts for Engineering Design Group for $2,300 and GeoCon for $2,000 for studying the East Jessamine right of way between North Cypress Street and North Chicago Street. EDG will study topography, boundary and do a tree survey. GeoCon will determine the subgrade soil and groundwater conditions and make recommendations to determine subgrade preparation and pavement buildup.

A request to approve banners placed in Heritage Park on March 13 for the Mudbugs and Margaritas Festival on April 2.

A resolution upgrading the pay for summer jobs “due to significant changes in job functions and responsibilities for the position” according to city documents.

A resolution for the purchase of a conex storage container for Foley Sports Tourism Event Center for $5,000 and a total of $7,000 after painting and adding the FST logo.

A resolution to purchase a Toro Deep Tine Aerator for the Recreation Department at a cost of $35,000.

A resolution to appoint a voting delegate from the council for the Alabama League of Municipalities Convention May 11-14 in Tuscaloosa.