FOLEY – On Sunday February 4th, at approximately 7:12 P.M., we received several calls reporting the sound of gunshots near Juniper St. and Azalea Ave.  Shortly after the calls, a family arrived at the police department with damage to their vehicle.  The family reported hearing shots and the back glass of their vehicle shattering in the area north of Azalea Ave. on Juniper St. The broken glass was located in the 600 block of South Juniper St.  At this time we are still actively investigating the shooting. 

Our victims in the case are a husband and wife and two small children. We do not feel the victims were intentionally targeted and possibly could have been a case of mistaken identity.  Investigators have had NO evidence of any “rolling gun battle” with our victims being caught in any crossfire situation and have not relayed that to any media outlet as previously reported.

This incident is very concerning and not something that is typical of our community. We are asking for anyone that has heard or knows anything about this case to contact us at 251-943-4431, email us at  or submit a tip on the Foley PD app.